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If you search for me on social media, you’ll find I am a “husband, father, veteran, runner, producer, actor,
writer, dog wrangler, problem-solver… and stuff.”  The only things left out of that description might be that I
am also a huge baseball fan and suffer from a chronic case of wanderlust.

In my life, in one capacity or other, I have always been a creator.  I have done many things:  I have lived in
Europe, New York City, and I've been to sea.  From my first job as a teen-aged sports writer for the local
newspaper to today, my journey has always involved some level of creativity.  

Besides being a producer and actor in films and commercials, I have been the voice you woke up to on the
radio and have worn many other hats.  I held various management positions in the maritime and insurance
industries, served in two branches of the military, and managed the nation's second-oldest dinner theatre.

Today, I live and work in Tennessee and am married to Martha (a beautiful and amazing actress and singer
who, according to
BroadwayWorld.com, is “Nashville's first lady of musical theatre and comedy”).  Our two
grown daughters, Chelsey and Lauren, are fabulous in their own rights but never seem to come home
enough.  Esther, Ulysses, and Alice (our three dogs) let us share a home with them.

In 2019, our home base relocated from the hustle and bustle (and traffic gridlock) of one of America's "it"
cities to the peaceful foothills of the majestic Great Smoky Mountains in East Tennessee.
Donnie Hall: A Wordsmith
with an Array of Experiences
About Donnie
All my life, I have been infatuated by
telling stories.  It didn't matter if it was
on the radio, as a public speaker,
through written mediums, or by
acting... I just
love telling stories.

Now, through Center Field Productions,
we can make movies the whole family
can enjoy.  We are also expanding our
reach to include production of live
theatre through Three Rivers Theatre

2020 will be exciting, y'all!
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