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Welcome to
When the Cosmic Tumblers
seem to all Fall into Place
Much has been happening recently.  At the
beginning of 2019, I started
Center Field
with the sole intent of making
feature films.

As the year has progressed, Martha and I
decided it was time to develop options on how
escape the hustle and bustle (and traffic
gridlock) of our "it" city.  The option, as it turns
wass to go home to the foothills of the
majestic Smoky Mountains in East Tennessee.  
In doing so, we have expanded the scope of
Center Field Productions to include the
production of live theatre through the
Rivers Theatre Company
.  And that's not
all!  We are about to launch a really awesome
2-hour radio variety show called
The Three
Rivers Jamboree

Oh, yeah, besides continuing to act, produce
and write, I have also become a professional

Whew!  Just wait for 2020, y'all!